Elk Rider Series

Inspired by the pioneer family of Heritage Distilling Company’s founders who settled parts of what is now Olympic National Park over 100 years ago, our Elk Rider series is a symbol of our collective Western heritage. Yes, it’s true our early family members broke wild elk (come see the pictures hanging in our tasting room). But more than the story behind the Elk Rider brand is the idea that it represents: That uniquely Western American notion that somewhere inside each of us is a yearning to do something different… unusual… noteworthy. More…


Elk Rider Blended Whiskey

Elk Rider Blended Whiskey is a proprietary blend of HDC whiskeys boasting notes of husky grains with a dry full body. Extremely smooth for such a high proof whiskey. (92 proof).

Silver Medal from Tastings – Beverage Tasting Institute 2014.


Elk Rider Wheat Vodka

Elk Rider Wheat Vodka offers a unique smoothness with balance. An earthy finish that gives just a hint of fruity sweetness. This vodka is one of our favorites for Moscow Mules. Distilled from 100% Washington Wheat.

Gold Medal from Tastings – Beverage Tasting Institute 2014.


Elk Rider Crisp Gin

Elk Rider Crisp Gin boasts a refreshing juniper berry nose with traditional gin notes. Very smooth for such a high proof gin. Nice citrus finish makes this perfect for the classic gin and tonic. Distilled from 100% Washington Wheat. Traditional distilled gin with juniper berries, coriander, and sweet orange peel as the botanicals.

Silver Medal from American Craft Distilling Association 2014
Silver Medal from Tastings Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago 2014
Bronze Medal from American Distilling Institute 2014,

Serving Suggestions

  • On the rocks
  • Classic Gin and Tonic
  • Maui Gin: Elk Rider Gin and Pineapple Juice


Elk Rider Bourbon Whiskey

Elk Rider Bourbon boasts distinct notes of honey, caramel, walnut, plantain, oak, and berries. Incredibly smooth for such a high proof whiskey. Mash bill includes corn, rye, and malted barley.


Elk Rider Rye Whiskey

Elk Rider Rye features flavorful notes of orange, clove, honey, and pepper cascade across the pallet. Ends with a lingering finish of classic rye notes with just the right balance of pepper and spice. Incredibly smooth for a 92 proof whiskey.  Mash bill includes rye and malted barley.

Gold Medal from in New York 2014

HDC Series

Some of the original recipes we’ve perfected using locally sourced ingredients.


Flavored Vodka

Heritage Distilling Company’s line of flavored vodka is naturally infused, great for drinking straight or in cocktails. More…


Commander’s Rye Whiskey

Based on George Washington’s original 1797 recipe bottled unaged, just the way they drank it back then.   2013 “SILVER” medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and 2013 “BRONZE” medal winner at Beverage Testing Institute’s Int’l  Unaged Whiskey Review (Chicago) – the only distillery west of Texas to receive an award. More…



HDC Vodka

Triple distilled from grapes, a sweet start with a smooth even finish.  Great for any cocktail recipe, or drinking straight. Tested at some of Seattle’s top bars prior to public release.  “DOUBLE GOLD-BEST VODKA” medal winner at Int’l Tasting (New York)  2013  “SILVER” medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition Top shelf quality at value pricing. “BRONZE” medal from 2013.

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve right out of the freezer
  • Over ice with Lemonade
  • On the rocks with Blood Orange San Pellegrino
  • OR any of your favorite Cocktails


HDC Char Barrel Finished Vodka

We took the best of our award winning Triple Distilled Vodka and let it sit on charred barrels. The result is a unique mix of smoothness, gathered from the mellowing effect of the charred barrel, and the extraction of sugars, tannins and flavors from contact with the wood. Your friends won’t actually believe what came out of our barrels. BRONZE from – 2013.

Serving Suggestions

  • Great on ice as an alternative to other “traditional” spirits usually aged in barrels
  • Or, mixing in creative and bold cocktails


HDC Soft Gin

Distilled from grapes with a soft, smooth finish.  Great for savory summer cocktail recipes or drinking straight 2013 “DOUBLE GOLD-BEST GIN” medal winner at Int’l Tasting (New York) 2013 “BRONZE” medal winner at Beverage Testing Institute’s Int’l Gin Review. (Chicago)

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve over ice with Collins Mix and: – Blueberries & Thyme – Raspberries & Sage – Blood Orange & Tarragon
  • Or simply a classic Gin & Tonic


Fall Classic Apple Cider Flavored Whiskey

Featured at Tacoma Rainier’s Cheney Stadium.  The Pacific Northwest’s first locally made version of traditional southern “Apple Pie”, using local corn and apple cider packaged in a “moonshine” jug.  Just in time for summer and fall.

Serving Suggestions

  • Right out of the freezer
  • Straight Over ice
  • In warm glass with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top
  • Reduced in a sauce pan and drizzled over ice cream



Tacoma New West Bourbon

Made in partnership with the Tacoma Art Museum to celebrate the opening of the Haub Family Collection New West Exhibit (Fall 2014). Nose: Vanilla and Orange with distinct corn notes. Taste: On the upper palate a sweetness with strong tones of orange, butterscotch, honey, vanilla with a lingering distinctly bourbon finish. Very smooth for such a high proof whiskey.

Tacoma New West can be found at the following stores:

  • Harbor Greens (University Place & Gig Harbor)
  • Westgate Liquor
  • Pearl St. Liquor (Tacoma)
  • Purdy Liquor (Gig Harbor)
  • High Spirits (Poulsbo)
  • QFC (Gig Harbor)
  • Burien Liquor
  • Bob’s Liquor Lakecity (Seattle)
  • Wineworld (Seattle)
  • Clearview Spirits and Wine (Monroe)
  • T Brothers (Olympia)

Batch No. 12 Series

Heritage Distilling Company, Inc. (HDC) announces the launch of its latest line of premium spirits under its BATCH NO. 12 trademark. The BATCH NO. 12 label will initially be released with a vodka distilled from corn, a bourbon and a rye whiskey. All products are produced and bottled at HDC’s premier distillery in Gig Harbor, WA.

Batch No. 12 Bourbon Whiskey

BATCH NO. 12 Bourbon is produced and bottled at 92 proof from a mash bill of a corn, rye and malted barley.

Batch No. 12 Rye Whiskey

BATCH NO. 12 Rye Whiskey is produced and bottled at 92 proof from a mash bill comprised of a rye and malted barley.  It is available in limited quantities.



Batch No. 12 Vodka

BATCH NO. 12 Vodka is distilled from 100% corn and bottled at 80 proof.

Also available in color options:



label_hdc_char_barrel_finished_vodkaHere It Ages Kit

Age your own whiskey at home with our “Here it Ages” kit, 2 bottles of your choice of unaged spirits (Bourbon, Rye, or Single Malt) a 2 liter barrel, and the instructions.

label_hdc_char_barrel_finished_vodkaCask Club

Join the Cask Club and you get your own 10 liter cask for aging spirits, you taste your spirits, tell us when you’d like to bottle it and at what proof.  It’s “Your Whiskey, Your Way”. More…

label_hdc_char_barrel_finished_vodkaMy Batch

HDC is the only place in the country where you can legally make your own spirits.  For 3 hours you work on our small Kentucky Hillbilly stills and make your choice of Vodka, Gin, or Whiskey.  Classes are offered once a month on a weekend day and prior signup is required. More…