My Batch

My Batch – Hands on Makes it Hand Crafted

My Batch

My Batch participants get to customize their own bottle to detail the spirits they help create!

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Call our Tasting Room at 253-509-0008


  • Saturday, November 22, 1pm: You tell us (Bourbon, Single Malt, Rye, Vodka, or Gin) 


  • Saturday, December 13, 1pm: You tell us (Bourbon, Single Malt, Rye, Vodka, or Gin) 

Instructions for preparing your 2 liter aging barrel.

Hands On Makes It Hand Crafted.  Now for the first time you can legally be involved in the making of your own private spirits – whiskey, gin or vodka. For years it has been legal for everyday people to make beer and wine at home, but the personal manufacturing of distilled spirits at home and without the proper federal, state and local licensing and permits is still illegal. In fact, in most states it is still illegal to even own and possess alcohol distilling equipment in your home.

So how can true spirits enthusiasts legally and safely get their hands dirty in making their own distilled spirits? Come to HDC™ – the first and only Craft Distillery in the country offering you the ability to safely and legally be directly involved in your distilled spirits. You choose from our pre-approved recipes (Bourbon, Rye, Vodka, Gin, Single Malt Whiskey), you help run a micro version of our larger still and you help bottle and label the product. Create your spirits and then tell your friends as you sip and share your own spirited story, “This is My Batch.”

We’ll be honest – the “My Batch” program is not for everyone. If you believe spirits can only be made in the south, or on massive continuous still systems that never turn off, or with a predetermined consistency that only comes from mass production, then this is probably not for you. The “My Batch” program is reserved for people with a little extra time on their hands; spirited individuals yearning to see and experience first hand the skill, science and art of making ultra-small batches of spirits; people focused on locally sourced and individually crafted batches of unique products; and most importantly, people with a yearning to create something bold, new, and different…something that they can call their own and in which they can take pride in sharing with family and friends.

The program takes approximately 3 hours to complete, depending on the number of people involved in each session.  Call HDC at 253.509.0008 to make your reservation.

My Batch Program Pricing:

  • Price is $99/person.  Due to insurance restrictions, only paid participants are allowed to be on the production floor and participate during My Batch sessions.
  • During the session enjoy samples of our spirits upstairs in our Tasting Room.
  • After you’ve created your own spirits you have the option to purchase the product you make at a discounted price of $15.00 per bottle, plus tax.
  • To age the product join the “Cask Club” or buy a 2 Liter cask in our tasting room at a discounted price to age your product at home.

“My Batch” Upcoming Schedule:  Weekend “My Batch” sessions will be held on select Saturday & Sunday afternoons. Please see the schedule above for specific dates and times. 

Call our Tasting Room at 253-509-0008 to make your reservation.



Additional future sessions are posted on an ongoing basis, so check back regularly.  If you have a desired product you would like to make and desired date let us know so that we can possibly work on coordinating schedules.

Contact us to reserve your spot at an upcoming session, spaces are limited.

My Batch Participants operate one of six microstills to perfect their own custom spirit. The only program of its kind in the US.

Join our mailing list so that you can be among the first to know when we open up the schedule. And then be prepared to get your hands dirty. Only then will you truly understand why we say, “Every Spirit has a Story”.™

++Are you a restaurant or bar manager looking for a distinctive flavor, spirit or story for your bar or restaurant? Contact us us about having your team come to HDC™ to make your own custom spirits, complete with custom labeling for your premium establishment.

My Batch™ is patent pending. Specific rules and limits apply.