Cask Club

Cask Club

An exclusive place for members to age spirits, individualized to their custom specifications…because “Hands-on makes it hand-crafted”™.


Become a member of the Cask Club™ and help customize your whiskey, aged to the flavor profile you want in your own private 10 liter oak cask. Choose from Vodka, Gin or our Whiskey Recipes: bourbon, rye, wheat, or single malt.   Unlike mass-produced spirits, in the Cask Club it’s only ready to bottle when you say it is.


As a member of the Cask Club you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your own 10 liter private oak cask, beautifully displayed in our distillery with your name and home town on the cask for the world to see
  • Your name on the custom Cask Club™ bottle for finished products that come out of your cask
  • The ability to sample the spirits aging in your cask – you determine when it is ready to bottle
  • You determine the bottling strength of the spirits – 80 proof or more? It’s up to you.
  • Bottle prices once your spirit is aged to your flavor profile, you’ve chosen the proof and it’s ready to bottle: $25.00 (plus tax) for 750 ml bottle.  $15.00 (plus tax) for 375 ml bottle.
  • For our traditional aged whiskey (you should end up with between 10-12 bottles (750 ml) of product, depending on how often you sample it and the final bottle strength you select)
  • Advance notice and reservations of new releases of our spirits before the general public
  • Advance notice of special events before the general public
  • Discounts: 20% off on all HDC merchandise and regularly priced HDC Spirits (excludes My Batch program & bottles, Cask Club Memberships & Cask Club bottles)
  • You get the option of buying the 10 liter cask when it is done aging for a discount, or use it again in the Cask Club to make a new batch of a different product.
  • Annual membership of $199.00
  • Renewal fee of $175.00

Ready to make your mark as a member of the Cask Club™? Become a member of the cask club now.

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Cask Club™ is patent pending. Specific rules and limits apply.